GALLOIS (Gal·ah·wáh)

Visual Storyteller, Designer, Curator, Artist, and Tastemaker — Sandy Lee Welsh is the Founder and Creative Director of The Gallois Group; a multidisciplinary studio whose projects currently span across interior design and photography.

Gallois is the French translation of her family name, and the Gallois ethos is rooted in a transformative sabbatical in the South of France. It is an ode and love letter to the slow, sun-drenched days of self-discovery and self-expression; wandering aimlessly and reflecting, daydreaming while floating in the Mediterranean sea, and embracing a newfound sense of freedom and sincerity in life's most mundane moments. A cathartic respite that evolved her artistic eye, effortless storytelling, and forever changed her perspective of what it means to live simply and wholeheartedly.

Welsh resides in the stateside Mediterranean town of Santa Barbara with her beloved husband and their two rescue puppies, Pip and Phoebe. She is a fervently curious and quintessential Virgo who can't resist a to-do list and a well executed dinner party. She's fueled by movement and nature, enjoys historical fiction and entertaining, and attributes traveling and the seasons as her greatest sources of adventure and inspiration.

Thank you for taking an interest in our work. In love and gratitude, SLW x